Noise Harassment from Neighbor

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Noise Harassment from Neighbor

Сообщение JohnHale » 13 июн 2018, 15:29


Over the past several months my upstairs neighbor has changed from being a noisy neighbor to a neighbor that could best be described as abusive. His stereo and TV play at the highest volume almost 24/7. He doesn't seem to have a job and never leaves his apartment (Note: he's not elderly or disabled). It keeps me and my wife awake all night. I have tried to talk with him about this in person, but he will not answer the door. I have left him letters asking him to turn down the volume, especially late at night. However, I found the letters crumpled into a ball and left on my doorstep. I called the police; when they arrived at my apartment, they concurred that the situation is "serious." However, the neighbor would not open his door for the police, even after they repeatedly knocked for 20 minutes. The police finally told there is nothing they can do.

Please help.

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