saanich bylaw for noise, neighbor issues

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saanich bylaw for noise, neighbor issues

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Can anyone tell me specifically the hours in a residential neighborhood for noise issue? We are having problems with neighbors and no matter how many times we try to talk to them, they don't listen.They are screaming in their pool till 1000 p.m. or playing basketball till all hours basically in front of our house. We don't want to be those kind of neighbors that keep complaining or call the police which we haven't done yet. We have young kids that are in bed are sometimes awoken by the noises. To top it off, one of the older boys on the street, purposely throws balls in the yard and almost to the window. DH tried to have a talk with him, but he was quite lippy. The parents don't seem to care at all. Anyone else deal with things like this and how do you resolve it? The parents of the kids with the pool have said to come to them with any issues, tried and doesn't make a difference. I looked at the Saanich bylaw site and can't seem to find any specific times other than mowers for residential noise.

Please help.

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