Closing i-Neighbors

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Closing i-Neighbors

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As you are well aware, we have developed this new site to address several issues that could not be satisfied using the i-Neighbors site, including compliance with a new Texas State Law that requires HOA's to communicate certain HOA announcements and business via a method of mass communication. Another issue being security...ensuring that only residents of Hannover Forest are allowed to register on this forum.After requesting that i-Neighbors shut-down the Hannover Forest i-Neighbors forum...instead of honoring our request, they have decided to poll the members on i-Neighbors to see if that is really what we want. If you are still a member of the i-Neighbors forum, you likely received a message with this poll. Basically, they have thumbed their nose at us and our request, and have taken matters into their own hands to decide whether or not to honor our request. They have also taken the opportunity to tell us about all the new features that they will be rolling out (not yet available) to entice you to vote in favor of keeping the site. What they fail to tell you is that these new services cost $!If you have not already closed your i-Neighbors account, and if you are so inclined...please login and vote to close the site. Having two forums running concurrently would prove to be extremely divisive to the neighborhood.

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